The S.V.M.S started in the year 1992 is a regidtered Social Welfare organisation and functioning sucessfully by the grace and blessings of almighty Annai Velankanni. The about sangam installed in the interest of their lifetime advisements of mother theresa and Aravindha (Annai)

The S.V.M.S ambition and dreams are to bring out the women living under poverty line in urban and Rural Areas by taking keen interest to earn themselves for their daily fread and essential expenses. The members of this organisation are doing their service sincerely with sacrificing tendency.

Shrine Velankanni Mahalir Sangam is a None profitable, Registered Society working to create lasting change in the lives of Womans,Childrens,Families communities living poverty in justice.SVMS is Associated Partner of the International Woman'sPeace Groups in South Korea.and also Academic partner of Madura Micro Education Teach 70 is Micro Business Education is a proven way to strengthen viable, small Busines for womans resulting in house hold income and savings fo their family.IWPG is womans International NGO in world for Peace Awarness on the sprit of motherly Hearts it works for the cause of the cessation of wars and achievements of world peace.

Academic Partner of Mcduvc micro eduction in skill development training for womens in poverty line. Tex 70 for National skill development training in Govt of India. Affiliate partner of International women's face group south korea. Awareness of peace, singing campaign wpl in place peace events and peace rally. IWPG slogan-woman blossom flowers of place


The sangam lead by dutiful Members who posses appropriate knowledge in computer education finance. Good Administration well thinking and social welfare planning for the development of ladies.


The S.V.M.S is functioning at thandurai village, Pattabiram, Trivellore Dist which has created wonderous developments which got appreciated by the area and sorrounding area Peoples.


The Dreams and basic aims of the S.V.M.S are mentioned below:

  • The Motto of our sangam is to help the down Trodden women iv villages and town.
  • To help the helpless and less affuent women.
  • Creating awarness of womes's welfare consumer rights and women's rights as per law.
  • To help the aged and disabled.

Future Aim

  • SVMS with great interest aiming to arrange one a Hostel for women those who strangers misleaded by others troubled or disturbed by police to stay here for a short period, providing food dress short term industrial Training and then they will sent to their homes safety under the care of our sangam.
  • S.V.M.S is willing to start 24Hrs "MAY I HELP YOU" Centre for women.
  • The appriciable aim of SVMS is to install a fair price shop at airport or Rly. Station to market the products for sale such as candies, Handicrafts, Eatables Anticipatic items for thier benifits.
  • So we are reguest the public to help the sangam by offering Cash, Computers. Typewritters (English/Tamil) Tailoring Machines with kind and whole-heartly so as to enable us to run the sangam smoothly and grandly.